• Learning English with Television Series: Two and a Half Men

    Another show that my students frequently mention as one of their favorites for learning English is Two and a Half Men. Once again, it’s a show I’ve never watched before. I probably learned the most about it when Charlie Sheen had his public meltdown a few months ago.

    Anyway, I have to say the clip I link to here made be laugh a few times. Click here to watch the video on YouTube (they won’t let me post their videos on our site).

    Here some listening questions to go with the video:

    1.  How does Alan know the phone call is for Charlie?

    2. What does Charlie confuse for the word “Omelet?”

    3. What’s the ___ ____ I don’t cry when I’m late.

    4. You didn’t ______ to _____ her name, did you?

    5. Why does he say “The stick turns blue.”

    6. Go ahead, “___ ___ ___.”

    7. What does #6 mean?

    8. Why does Charlie celebrate?

    9. What is the woman on the phone preparing to do?

    10. Boy, don’t you ____ hate ____ ____ _______?

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