• Lend or Borrow? Video with Exercises

    Knowing when to use lend or borrow is sometimes confusing for our students, often because in many languages, including Spanish, there is only one word in place of the two we have in English.

    Watch the video below to hear Teauna’s explanation of the difference between these two words, and then try the English exercise on lend and borrow. You can write your answers in comments, and we will respond.

    Lend or Borrow English Exercises

    1. Can you ___ me your pen? Mine is out of ink.

    2. He can ____ some money to Joe.

    3. Can I _____ your car?

    4. Did you ___ him your car?

    5. We’re trying to get a ___ from the bank to by a new home.

    6. This is a _____ car, mine is being repaired.

    Write your answers in comments, and we’ll respond!


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