• Listening Activity: The Internet Under The Sea

    In today’s class we are going to look at how the internet works. The internet is something we often take for granted,  which means that we fail to appreciate it properly because we use it all the time. Can you think of anything else that you take for granted? What is taken for granted in your home country? Write your thoughts in the comment section below so we can hear your responses!

    Let’s take a look at this video that explains how the internet is connected all around the world:

    For our first exercise today, there are 6 new words listed below with 6 definitions, all from the video you just watched. Can you match the correct definition to the vocabulary? Write your answers in the comment section.


    1. transmit (v.)
    2. vulnerable (adj.)
    3. groove (n.)
    4. audacious (adj.)
    5. cutting-edge (adj.)
    6. speedy (adj.)


    a. exposed to the possibility of being damaged

    b. something that is done quickly, or something that is moving quickly

    c. a long, narrow cut in a hard material

    d. something that is very advanced, often technology

    e. cause something to move from one person/ place to another

    f. a willingness to take a big risk


    Good work! For this next exercise you may need to watch the video again. There are 5 sentences below with a word missing. Can you fill in the space with the correct word by listening to what the narrator says in the video?

    1. We never stop hearing about how the internet’s in the cloud. But really, it’s in the _______________.
    2. These cables, placed by private companies, are the ____________ of the internet.
    3. They’re vulnerable to _______________, at least a few times, confused ______________ have bitten them.
    4. In some places, they go as deep underwater as ___________ _____________ is high.
    5. The cables are _____________ from the back of the a ship, _____________ to the ocean floor and the world is connected in speeds measured in milliseconds.


    We hope you enjoyed today’s listening activity. Sign up here for a trial class with LOI English.

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