• Listening: How Books Make A Difference

    Here is a listening exercise about immigration, reading, and hope. It seems appropriate with the current immigration situation in Europe. At LOI English we have lessons that discuss your interests and things that are important in our society, our world at the present moment. LOI English loves to have lessons that are meaningful for the student and meaningful for our current times. This is a story about immigration and hope in the United States. It is also a story about reading and the power of books. Do you have a book that changed your life? If yes, please tell us about it in comments. We may share your story and if we like it the best we’ll give you a few free classes with LOI English.


    1. What did she learn how to do before she road a bicycle?
    2. Why wasn’t she allowed to have books?
    3. What’s ___ ____?
    4. What does the above statement mean?
    5. What was she nervous about?
    6. The ____ you know about something, the ____ you will fear it.
    7. She ate the books? T/F
    8. How old was she when she knew about the world outside of the camps?

    Tell us about your favorite book. How did it change your life? We will share it if we like your story best and you will get a free English class from LOI English.

    Here’s our lesson about the current crisis in Europe.

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