• Listening Exercise: Can you ride THIS bike?

    Can you ride a bike? Most people can, but I bet you can’t ride the bike in the video below. This video is of a fascinating brain experiment and listening exercise. We can learn a couple of things from this experience.

    1. You are never too old to learn something new, including a new language.

    2. It is easier to learn new things when we are younger, especially language!

    Watch the video below, then answer the questions. This is a great lesson to talk about abilities in the past and present.

    Answer the questions below in comments and we’ll respond.

    1. What does “it’s just like riding a bike mean?”
    2. When did he first learn to ride a bike?
    3. Explain why this bicycle is different.
    4. Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Destin Sandlin’s first attempt at riding ___ bicycle.
    5. Why does he use the definite article in the sentence above? Click here for more information on articles.
    6. Could you ride this bicycle? Why not?
    7. How long did he practice every day?
    8. How many months did it take him to learn to ride the bike?
    9. What factors made him wreck?
    10. How long did it take his son to ride the bike?
    11. How long did it take him to re-learn the new bike?
    12. The audience or crowd thought he was faking. T/F

    Click here to learn more about ‘can‘ for abilities.


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