• Listening Exercise: The Incredible Ghost Shark

    The wildlife in the deep ocean never ceases to amaze me.  It seems that we have so much to explore and discover.  It’s also dark, mysterious and pretty creepy down there.  I recently stumbled across this video of a species captured on film for the first time.  As you watch the clip about this strange Rat Fish, improve your listening skills by completing the exercise below.  We’d love to hear from you, so write your answers, comments and questions below!


    1. This species was named in honor of Alaskan artist, Ray Troll, whose fascination and appreciation ___ this weird group of fish has inspired some of his artwork.
      • What do you have appreciation ___?
    2. They ___ sometimes _____ informally as Rat Fish or Ghost Sharks.
      • What are they formally known as?
    3. It can be difficult to distinguish between species due to ______ differences in these characteristics.
      • What does subtle mean?
    4. This species ___ only ____ identified by specimens caught in the Southwestern Pacific, off Australia,  New Zealand and New Caledonia until the MBARI _______ them off the West coast of Hawaii…
    5. What do they need to do in order to confirm the identity of this animal so they can compare it with other known species?
    6. __ further analysis ____ to reveal that these fishes are not Hydrolagus Trolli, they most likely represent a new species.
    7. Something(s) never cease(s) to amaze someone means that you’re always impressed or surprised by someone/something.  What never ceases to amaze you?
    8. To stumble across means to discover something unexpectedly.  What have you stumbled across recently?


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