• Listening Exercise: Practice Those Pesky Prepositions

    The other day, I was speaking with a student about what makes English prepositions so difficult.  First of all, there are just too many!  Second, English learners very commonly substitute or omit them.  Some of you might agree that you understand prepositions during an English lesson, but when it comes to real-world situations, you forget which ones to use.  The best way to improve this is to practice, practice, and practice some more.  So, in today’s lesson we’ll do just that.

    I came across this viral video the other day.  Some of you may have seen the show, American Ninja Warrior.  On this show, contestants must complete a ridiculous obstacle course in order to qualify for the final round in Las Vegas and hopefully win the $500,000 prize.  In this video, a father creates a similar obstacle course for his young daughter in their backyard.  Listen closely to his commentary, and fill in all the missing prepositions.  Write your answers in the comments section below!

    1. Welcome __ America Ninja Warrior Denver City Finals
    2. She’s ready to go __ 3, 2, 1…
    3. She’s making short work of it.  __ __ the fourth one, _______ __ the fifth one
    4. Look at that, no hands!  Alright, and __ __ the balance beam
    5. And now __ __ a new obstacle, the teeter log
    6. Whoa!  Almost falls ___ there, now __ __ the cargo climb
    7. Very quickly __ the cargo climb, __ __ the top, ____ the log, crosses ____ the first shed, _______ the grocery cart conference table
    8. Alright, now she’s __ her way ____ the second shed __ the roof, __ __ the platform, ______ the bridge and __ __ the zip line
    9. One-handed ____ the water bottles and she makes it, no problem
    10. Now, __ __ the hanging steps __ Christmas tree corner
    11. She’s working her way _______ this very tough section
    12. Whoa!  Almost falls ___ there!
    13. Now, she’s __ her way __ the warped wall
    14. Yes!  She’s made it __ the warped wall!  3:23 and she’s __ her way __ Vegas!

    Would you like more practice?  Book a free 25 minute class with LOI today!  Can’t wait until class?  Here are some helpful posts from LOI instructors about prepositions:

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