• Listening Exercise: Do You Really Know How to Tie Your Shoe?

    This TED talk caught me by surprise. It is a about a simple thing we learn to do when we are children that perhaps we have been doing it incorrectly all our lives.

    Interestingly I struggled to learn how to tie my shoes.  Partly because my mother is left-handed and she ties them backwards, which is a bit tricky to learn. Now I learn she was actually teaching me how to tie the strong knot rather than the weak knot. Have a listen and see if you have been tying your shoes wrong your entire life. Also check out the listening and writing exercise and remember we learn from our mistakes, even if it takes us 30  years!

    1. How does he describe the TED audience?

    2. I also have reason  to believe that many, __ ___ most of you are tying your shoes incorrectly.

    3. What was different about his new shoes?

    4. One of the life skills I had really _______was tying my shoes.

    5. How do you tie the strong form of the knot?

    6. It will let you _______less.

    7. Live ______ and prosper.

    Writing Exercise:

    Is there something that you have learned you’ve been doing incorrectly? How do you feel about learning something new or about learning you were wrong about something? Can you admit when you are wrong? Why or why not?

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