• Listening and Writing Exercise: 2013 Year in Review

    Many of us are now back at work and and have said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014.

    For me personally 2013 was a challenging year. I think the lessons it taught me were to expect the unexpected, be willing to change plans, and that sometimes the best we can do is control our reactions to what life throws at us. 2013 gave us a knee injury, a couple of minor car accidents, one move, lots of visitors and time with family. I am personally looking forward to 2014 and I hope that you are too.

    We started it out on a positive note, welcoming a new niece into our family on January 1st. This week we have a listening exercise that reviews the year. Also, I wanted to focus on your writing. In comments, tell me about your 2013 year and what you hope for in 2014, and I’ll make corrections.

    1. Everyone of us has been ______ by this attack on your beloved city, everyone of us _______ with you.

    2. Our ______ was freakin destroyed.

    3. What are the two largest inventions of our generations?

    4. What restricts the activities of a survelience state?

    5. Who gave gay marriage the final stamp of approval in England and Wales?

    6. How does he suggest we stop the ignorance and intolerance?

    Ok. Happy 2014! Tell me about your year and what you hope 2014 will bring you.

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