• LOI English Students Love Their Skype English Teachers

    Read about one LOI English’s Student says about his Skype English Teacher; Isaac

    Five months ago I decided to Improve my listening and speaking skills because I didn’t feel comfortable when I had to speak English (daily english and job interviews).
    Recently I decided to take the TOFEL exam and I got results (Listening 27 out of 30 speaking 20 out of 30) which were unthinkable on autumn last year.

    I feel confident to state that this is the outcome from the work my Isaac has done with me. He has not only the standard characteristics I expected from a English teacher like language knowledge and patience, but also  command of interpersonal skills like empathy, motivation, positiveness and humor. Additionally I want to remark that I’m surprised because he always chose for me interesting lessons from his pool adapting the classes to my level and needs.
    Kind regards, Sergio

    Second recommendation for Skype English Teacher

    Dear Sirs,

    I would like to thank you for creating and providing such a useful and helpful service for learning English and for choosing the best teachers for your service. Here is my experience with LOI English.

    In October 2014 I began to prepare for the GMAT test. Although it is not a language test, it involves an excellent knowledge of English since the test is in English and its verbal part concerns reading comprehension and sentence correction of academic texts and includes an essay – everything under the strong time pressure. The teacher that I chose, Isaac, honestly told me that he had no idea what GMAT is, but for the next lesson he examined the GMAT questions that I had given him and we agreed to work on an essay and sentence correction questions.

    My first essay was terrible: there was at least a mistake in every single line, moreover the teacher often asked me what I was going to say since it was not clear. Nevertheless Isaac asked me when I was going to take the test and said that I had to work hard to succeed. During our classes he was patiently explaining me what was wrong, correctly determining the reasons of mistakes and choosing the right exercises from LOI English’s website to work the problem out. The progress was just amazing: my 10th essay was written in 30 minutes as I needed and there were just 3 or 4 insignificant  mistakes. Curiously, but along with writing he improved my language intuition which I needed to solve sentence correction questions, so that I was making just 1-4 mistakes for every 20 questions. Consequently I scored 660 (80% percentile) for GMAT and particularly 37 for Verbal (83% percentile) and 5 out of 6 for the essay. I’m fully satisfied with my score as I aimed between 650 and 700 and above 4 for the essay. Another my problem was speaking: at the beginning I was extremely reserved and couldn’t speak English, but 3-4 months later I was talking with my teacher about everything in the world and last Thursday I successfully got through my first interview in English.

    Honestly, I expected my English classes to be a headache, but I got something totally different. I spent interesting and educational hours rather than was doing boring routine. I would say that my lessons with LOI English were not only 100% value for money, but also a pleasure to speak with a clever and interesting teacher. 

    Thank you very much, Sirs! I wish you prosperity and the best of success.

    Best regards,
    Michael Lapirov

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