• LOI Student Achieves University Level English in 1 Month

    LOI student Moira Urenda achieved university level English in 1 month.

    Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of offering a one month intensive English scholarship to a group of 5 Bolivian students through our new Academic English Program that we’ve created in partnership with AUPP.

    We would like to thank the people of iTEP, creators of a great English proficiency test that is being accepted by more universities every month. They were kind enough to provide us with testing before the intensive month of online English study began and a follow up test to measure the results and effectiveness of our English classes.

    The students had 1 hour of live classes 5 days a week and were required to study independently on the integrated work 1 to 2 more hours a day. During this time the students raised their English level by 1 point on the iTEP which is the equivalent of raising from A1 to A2 in CEFR.

    We had one student raise her score from the equivalent of a 42 TOEFL score to an 88 TOEFL score. This is incredible! In 1 month of studying English with LOI she made huge improvements. While a score of 42 would not allow you into any major U.S. universities, an 88 will get you into almost all of them.

    Obviously she worked hard for this score and took her studies seriously. We would like to congratulate all of our Bolivian students for their hard work.

    Interested in seeing a huge improvement in your English in just 1 month? Try our English Boot Camp.

    If you have a group of students interested in our Academic English Program or the American Universities Pathways Program please contact: learn@skypeenglishclasses.com.

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