• LOI Student and Teacher Meet Face to Face

    Adriana and Hugo in a Miami restaurant.

    Hugo, a longtime LOI English student, and Adriana, one of our great teachers, recently had the chance to meet in person. Ironically, both Hugo and Adriana are Brazilian, but when they met they were both traveling in the United States. After taking many classes with Adriana, Hugo mentioned he’d be traveling in the U.S. and Adriana said she’d be there around the same time. After Hugo had purchased his flights he and Adriana realized their trip would cross in Miami Beach, so they decided to meet up. They walked along Lincoln Road and took in the tourist attractions and went to dinner with Adriana’s family. They had plenty of opportunities to speak in English and Portuguese. So two Brazilians who live only about 300 miles from each other in Brazil met face to face thousands of miles away from São Paulo.

    When Hugo began learning English with LOI he was frustrated by the methods he had tried and wasn’t really looking forward to the classes. After he started, he realized classes with LOI English are different.

    LOI English is more than an English school, and that is why we are so unique. Our teachers and students make lasting connections. While you improve your English, you meet English teachers that live all over the world.  Our teachers love languages, teaching, traveling and connecting with students from around the world.  We’ve taught students from 138 different countries so far! Our classes investigate topics that are meaningful to the students and teachers. In our English classes we form international relations, solve world problems, debate controversial topics, explore new ideas about science and technology, as well as study grammar, practice listening, perfect pronunciation, and work on writing. When you take our English classes you get so much more than just improving your English, you make connections and you expand your world.

    Read more about Adriana here.

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