• The Luck of The Irish: Talking About St. Patrick’s Day in English

    St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on March 17, is almost upon us. Do you know why it is celebrated? Do you know where it originated?

    Let’s learn about it in this lesson.

    First, let’s look at some words associated with St. Patrick’s Day. These are missing from the text. See if you can fill them in.

    1. Leprechauns

    2. Patron

    3. Emerald

    4. Snakes

    5. Superstition 

    6. Harp

    7. Celtic 

    8. Shamrock

    9. Corned

    10. Marching

    Who was St. Patrick?

    It is not known for sure whether St. Patrick was born in Wales or in Scotland, but it is known that he was born in the 4th century while Britain was under Roman rule. Legend has it, he was kidnapped by slave traders at age 16 and brought to Ireland, also known as the ____ Isle, where he was forced to work as a shepherd. 

    According to his writings he was told by God in a dream to flee his captors by going to the Irish coast where he would board a boat and return to Britain. He did this by walking 200 kilometers. He is said to have been so moved by the experience that he studied to become a priest on his return home.

    When he became bishop, Patrick was called to Ireland to help convert the natives to Christianity. Writings from the time set out that he used the green three-leafed _____ to explain the idea of the holy trinity to the Irish. He traveled throughout the country, establishing churches, monasteries, schools and hospitals, all with the aim of converting the Irish to Christianity. He also said to have banished all the_______ from the island of Ireland. 

    His mission in Ireland was said to have lasted around 30 years. He died in Northern Ireland on March 17 461 AD. Today, he is known as the _____ saint of Ireland. 

    How it St. Patrick’s Day celebrated today?

    Although St. Patrick’s Day is technically a ______ feast day, it is celebrated around the world. On this day, parades take place with floats and ______ bands. Rivers and fountains are colored green. People dance and drink beer to mark the day. Celebrations of Irish culture also take place around this time.

    In Ireland, people eat a special meal of ____ beef, cabbage and soda bread.

    Other Associations with St. Patrick’s Day

    Little mean old men called _______ are also associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. It is said that they are shoemakers by trade and that they have a hidden pot of gold.

    In Ireland, there is a wall on Blarney Castle called the Blarney Stone. It is said that kissing the stone gives people the gift of eloquence. This is an example of a _______.

    The instrument associated with Ireland is the _____. It is mostly played by women with long hair and dresses.

    Sayings Associated With St. Patrick’s Day. 

    Some useful sayings associated with St. Patrick’s Day include:

     1. (He has) the luck of the Irish

    This means that someone is very lucky indeed as the Irish are associated with luck.

    2. May the road rise to meet you

    This is a way to wish someone an easy, stress free, life.

     2. Don’t rain on my parade

    This means don’t ruin or spoil my plans just as rain would spoil a parade.

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