Noncount Nouns Video and Exercise

Noncount nouns, or uncountable nouns in English are nouns that don’t have a plural form, and literally cannot be counted, at least in the normal way. Native English speakers know which nouns are noncount instinctively, but most people learning the language have to study the rules a little to understand. For instance, you cannot say, “Give me 2 breads.” Bread is a noncount noun. To count it, you have to divide it into a unit, so you can say, “Give me two slices of bread,” “Give me two loaves of bread,” or “Give me a piece of bread.” The video below will explain the different kinds of noncount nouns. After the video try the exercise.

All but one of the sentences below contains a mistake with noncount nouns. Find the mistakes and correct them. If you write your answers in comments, we will respond.


Can I have a bread please? = Can I have some bread please? (also: Can I have a slice of bread please? Can I have a loaf of bread please?).

1. Our plane has arrived, but we cannot find our baggages.

2. I need sugars to make this cake.

3. Don’t forget to pack all of the equipments.

4. He only has 2 furnitures in the house.

5. Go to the store and buy some meat, please.