• A Terrible Boss – Office English Listening and Writing Exercise

    Ok. I chose another comedic listening exercise, this time from the movie Office Space, where we see the main character’s terrible boss. There are some great phrasal verbs used in the exercise and it is about English work and office language. Give it a try and if you have time do the writing exercise too.

    Fill in the gaps from the video above. Write your answers in comments and we’ll respond.

    1. Hello Peter. _____  ________?

    2. What time does he want him to come in?

    3. I’m also going to need you to ___ _____ and come in on Sunday too.

    4. Why does he need him to work on Sunday?

    5. We need to sort of play _______  __.

    6. What does the above phrasal verb mean?

    These are 5 important phrasal verbs can you put them in the correct sentences below?

    go ahead, catch up on, deal with, focus on, draw up

    1. Alice, will you ____ __ a contract for our new business partners.

    2. I think we will have to work late, that meeting put us behind and we have a lot of reports to _____  __ __.

    3. Peter, could you ____  ____ the press and their accusations of mishandling government funding.

    4. _____ ___ Mary, I didn’t mean to interrupt you.

    5. I really need you to _____ __ your work and not play on the internet all day.

    Writing Assignment:

    Do you have to work on the weekends? How often? Why? Do you get paid overtime for working on the weekends? Do you take work home with you at night? Do you think we should work on the weekends? Why or why not? Is it different if it is a small business or a large corporation? Why?


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