• Too Old For The Internet? No – Listening Exercise

    The oldest student LOI English ever taught was 76. He was from Iceland and a former war time journalist. Sometimes it was difficult for him to open our lessons, but he managed Skype well and our classes were awesome. He was preparing for a vacation in Florida and wanted to polish his English before he arrived. So if you think that you are too old to learn a language, it is NOT true. You are never too old to learn something new. Don’t believe me? Watch this video.

    1. What is the first question that the seniors ask about the internet?

    2. Who will be teaching the seniors how to use the internet?

    3. There are three internet related topics that are discussed by the seniors, can you name them?

    4. What do the elderly women think about the internet? One of them, Shirley,  has a particular interest, what is it?

    5. What is the contest between the seniors?

    6. You’re never ___ ___ to _____ something new.

    7. What do the seniors think is the best part about the program?

    8. We need a ______ for getting up in the morning.

    Do you have parents or  grandparents that use the internet? Do you think they could learn how? Also, many of these seniors use some interesting idioms and vocabulary words. You can take the quiz here.

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