• Phrasal Verbs With: Do, Does, Did and Negative Forms

    Phrasal verbs are tricky in English, then we add in auxiliaries and other rules and students get confused and intimidated. Don’t be! Phrasal verbs are just like regular verbs when it comes to questions and negatives in English.

    If you know how to form questions in English and negatives in English you shouldn’t have any problems using them with phrasal verbs. Here is a quick video about using auxiliaries with phrasal verbs in English. Do you know what the phrasal verbs mean? Take the quiz below to test your skills.

    Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

    I don’t ____ ____ pranks.

    Your daughter is sick. Did she ____ __?

    Don’t ____ that ____ away, I really like it.

    Does she ____ ___ in class?

    I am not _____ __ to his pressure.

    He didn’t ____ ___ well with his words.



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