• The Pope’s Visit to the United States

    The pope got a lot of attention when he visited the United States recently. He has been a big story in our media, partially due to his reputation for being humble. For instance he chose a simple and inexpensive Fiat as his car for his U.S. visit. According to news reports, he does not choose the exact car, but only asks that his car be “simple and modest.”
    Has the Pope visited your country? If so was it an important event? Do you think the Pope visiting the U.S. is important? Why or Why not?

    Answer the questions below in comments and we will respond.
    1. What cities will the Pope visit in the United States?
    2. Was the atmosphere glum when the pope arrived?
    3. What type of car did he take once he arrived?
    4. Does the Pope feel that he is less critical of communism than capitalism?
    5. Was the Pope’s meeting with Fidel Castro formal or informal?
    6. What two things do Fidel Castro and the Pope have in common?
    7. Will he speak about the US embargo on Cuba during his address to the congress?

    You can listen to the pope’s speech below. His English is slow but with few mistakes.

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