• Potraits of a Man: Listening Exercise

    As we are all obsessed with selfies, Instagram, and other forms of photography, the video below shows how our ideas about who we are photographing influence how we take photos.

    Watch the video below about this interesting experiment. You’ll hear some great vocabulary about photography. Then see if you can answer the listening exercise questions below.

    Answer the questions below in comments and we’ll reply.

    1. What is the first character Marco plays?
    2. In the second introduction what has Marco done?
    3. What is his third character?
    4. For the 4th character what does Marco claim to be?
    5. What does “claim to be” mean? Why doesn’t he say: Marco is a psychic?
    6. For the 6th character what was Marco in the past?
    7. Does one of the photographers think that Marco is hiding something?
    8. One of the photographers doesn’t want to take a beautiful picture of Marco. T/F
    9. Was everything Marco said true?
    10. What do you think this experiment reveals?

    Photography idioms and vocabulary:

    Take a photo/picture – This is the most important vocabulary for photography. The verb ‘take’ is used to mean the action of capturing the photo. Important phrases: “Will you take our picture?”

    Photo shoot – This is a formal session when a photographer takes several photos of a person or people.

    Selfie – This is an informal expression of taking a photo of yourself with your phone.

    Candid photo – This is an unposed photo.

    Here is an LOI English original lesson that you can take about photography.


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