• Put In – Phrasal Verb of the Day

    Today’s phrasal verb of the day is: Put In

    Infinitive: Put In

    Present Tense: Put In/ Puts In

    ing form: Putting In

    Past tense: Put In

    Past Participle: Put In

    Put In is an English phrasal verb that is separable. The opposite of Put In is Take Out.  Depending on the context, the phrasal verb Put Into can be used alternatively. Its meaning can be used in several ways:

    When you invest or make a deposit In this example, the amount (even if it is abstract) almost always separates the verb.

    1. Stan is determined to put some money in his bank account every month.

    2.  We need to go to the bank today to put $100 into our checking account in order to make the purchase.

    When you put an object into a container or a space for that object or person.

    1. The cashier put the groceries into the bag and gave me the change.

    2. Kindly put your shoes in the rack to keep the place tidy.

    When you send someone to a place such as a hospital, jail, mental institution, etc. as needed or required. The subject always separates the verb in this example.

    1. The ski accident put me in the hospital for almost a week.

    2. If you don’t stop acting crazy, someone will call a doctor to put you into a mental hospital.

    When you make an effort to accomplish something.

    1. You can’t imagine the tremendous patience he put in the past eight years to become a doctor.

    2. Batman put a lot of time into the “bat” theme of his costume. Maybe he should have put in more time fighting bad guys!

    When you cause someone to be in a position, circumstance, condition, etc

    1. Since the NSA leaks, it’s hard for people to put their trust in governments.

    2. I hate to be put in an awkward situation.

    When you install or put something in place

    1. This apartment really gets hot during the summer, so I think it might be a good idea to put in an air conditioning unit.

    2.  Heart surgery isn’t so simple. It’s not like they just put in a new heart and they’re done.

    When you contribute money to pay for something

    1. The managers are required to put $50 in for this project.

    2. The subordinates can pay half of what the managers put in to complete the project.

    Exercises: Write your answers in comments and we will correct them.

    Complete the sentences below with the correct form of Put In.
    1. Do not ___ all your hopes __  into just one bet.

    2.  This place is freaking me out, so can we just ___ the chicken __ the bag and go?

    3. Sarah, Michelle, and Larry each ___ $50 __ the fund. How much are you _____ __?

    4. Learning a new skill takes time. Success depends on how much passion one is willing to ___ __.

    5. Given a choice, Brad prefers to be ___ __ a mental institution than be ___ __ jail. Granted the circumstances, he needs to be ____ __ serious effort in convincing the jury that he’s mentally ill.

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