• Read, Watch, Touch: How Do You See The Future Of The News Industry?

    Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, founder of The News Corporation, launched a digital newspaper specifically for the iPad tablet last week. The newspaper is called The Daily. Subscription to the newspaper costs 99 cents a week or $40 annually.

    A press release announcing the launch of the daily said: 

    “New times demand new journalism,” said Mr. Murdoch. “So we built The Daily completely from scratch — on the most innovative device to come about in my time — the iPad.”

    “The magic of great newspapers — and great blogs — lies in their serendipity and surprise, and the touch of a good editor,” continued Mr. Murdoch. “We’re going to bring that magic to The Daily — to inform people, to make them think, to help them engage in the great issues of the day. And as we continue to improve and evolve, we are going to use the best in new technology to push the boundaries of reporting.”

    The Daily’s unique mix of text, photography, audio, video, information graphics, touch interactivity and real-time data and social feeds provides its editors with the ability to decide not only which stories are most important — but also the best format to deliver these stories to their readers.

    What do you think?

    Do you think this a positive or a negative development in media?

    Do you agree that access to news should be purchased or should news be free for the whole community?

    How do you access news, via new gadgets or traditional media outlets like television and newspapers?

    How do you see the future of news? Do you think someday newspapers will be obsolete?

    Will you be subscribing to The Daily?

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