• Reported Speech in English – Video and Exercise

    Reported speech in English is used to tell someone what you or someone else said in the past. The video below has great illustrations that makes this much more clear and understandable. It will help you change different tenses to reported speech, and will also teach you some of the reporting verbs that we use in English.

    Try these exercises on reported speech, then watch the video below to see how you did.

    Change the sentences to reported speech. (If it seems to difficult, watch the video first).

    Example: Amy: “I like skiing.” -> Amy says she like skiing.

    1. Amy: “I am running.”

    2. Amy: “I’ve been to Spain.”

    3. Amy: “I bought new shoes.”

    4. Amy: “I was reading when you called.”

    5. Amy: “I am going to Argentina.”

    6. Amy: “I will call you.”

    Ok, now watch the video to see how you did, then try the additional exercises.

    Change the sentences to reported speech, exactly like the first exercise.

    1. Jim: “I am going to see a movie tonight.”

    2. Anne: “I was watching TV when I got the phone call.”

    3. Fred: “I’ve been thinking about buying a boat.”

    4. John: “I am listening to a new album.”

    5. Joe: “I hate that show Friends.”

    6. Sam: “I will buy dinner.”

    7. Kelly: “I got you a present.”

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