• What if we all rode bikes? English Listening Exercise.

    Today’s English listening exercise is about the amazing city of Amsterdam. They have an incredible bike path system that makes biking the preferred mode of transportation, and seems to make cars unnecessary. Listen to the video and see if you can identify some of the phrasal verbs and idioms that are used. After the listening exercise be sure to check out the English writing exercise on your opinion of cycle/bike paths.

    Listen to the first 3:05.

    1. The car is the ________.
    2. Cars were ________.
    3. People ______ __ and made a change for the better.
    4. Explain the general idea for the city traffic plan in the 1970’s.
    5. Why were so many people opposed to the plan?
    6. The cars aren’t driving __ fast and the bikes aren’t ____ going that fast either.
    7. On the main artillery roads its a _____ ____
    8. So, there’s off street cycle paths which range in between ____ and _____ feet in width and the cyclist then have a ______ shot to wherever they are going.

    Writing Assignment:
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a city having this plan? Are bike/cycle paths part of your cities plans? Do people bike/cycle in your city? Would you like your city to be more bike friendly?

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