• Should, Must, Have To, and 102 year old Marathoner, with Video and Exercises

    Hello English learners! This week we’ve got videos and exercises about a man who is still running long distance races at the age of 102, and about using the words “should,” “must,” and “have to” in English.

    Do you know what the difference is between these sentences?

    He should run everyday. 

    He  must run every day.

    He has to run every day.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure, the video below will help you. After the video, try the exercises.

     Should, Must or Have To Video

    Should, Must or Have To Exercises

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we will respond.

    1. Write one sentence using ‘should’ about your health.

    2. Write one sentence using ‘must’ about your parent or partner’s health.

    3. Write one sentence using ‘have to’ about your exercise routine.

    Choose between must/mustn’t or have to/don’t have to/ had to/didn’t have to

    1. You ______ be 55 to enter this race it’s called the over the hill gang.

    2. You _____ win the race to receive a medal.

    3. You ______ smoke close to the runners it would be bad for their breathing.

    4. You _______ have a dog to run in the tail waggers race.

    5. Yesterday I __________ run 5 miles with my brother.

    Listening Exercise: The 102 Year Old Distance Runner

    Watch the video below, then answer the questions.

    Answer the listening questions in comments, and we will respond.

    1. What day was the race?

    2. How long was the race?

    3. What was his time?

    4. What age did he start running?

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