• Simple and Compound English Sentences – Video and Exercise

    I’ve noticed as an English teacher that many of my students speak correctly when using short simple sentences. However, when students start speaking with more difficult sentences and start using sentence structure that contains multiple ideas, they often have problems with the word order and structure of sentences. I hope this video will help students understand English sentence structure and correct some of the mistakes they make with word order, even if it’s not the most entertaining subject.

    (If you’re looking for the What if Everyone Rode Bikes? lesson, click here. We sent the wrong link;)

    Before we do the exercise lets review FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)


    CHOICE-or, nor




    Exercise: Combine the two simple sentences using the proper connecting word, and don’t forget the comma!

    1. She saw a cat run in front of her. She stopped the car suddenly.

    2. He gave her a ring.  It is her birthday.

    3. The zombies eat people. The people kill the zombies.

    4. She doesn’t like the cold weather. She really likes skiing.

    5. She did not fail her English exam. She was not worried about her English exam.

    6. We could go to the movie tonight. We could stay home and rent a movie.

    7. I like enchiladas. I have a really good recipe for black bean and squash enchiladas.




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