• Skype English Classes: Cheaper than a Martini in Rio De Janeiro

    This, or a class with a native English speaker.

    We’ve recently started giving a lesson based on this article in the New York Times about the economy in Brazil. As the economy heats up, prices have risen, so much so that a martini costs $35 in some parts of Brazil. That’s well above the cost of even our 1-on-1 Skype English Classes! On top of that, our group English classes are only slightly more expensive per hour than 1 Big Mac in Brazil ($7.99 per hour).

    So, let me give you some advice. The next time you’re thinking about buying a $35 martini, or a $6 Big Mac, stop yourself. An English class is much healthier than a martini or a Big Mac, and in an hour with a native English speaker, you’re going to learn something.

    Yes, I know, before you drink the martini or eat the Big Mac, it will seem like a much better idea. Learning a language is kind of like exercise in that way. Before you exercise, sitting on the couch and watching another show on television seems much better than exercising. But then, after the show is over, you feel guilty for wasting your time watching another stupid thing on television. If you had gone to the gym, you’d feel great afterward, knowing you’d done something good for your health, and having a sense of accomplishment.

    English classes are the same way. It may sound like work beforehand, but once you’re in class, you’ll know you’re spending your time and money wisely. Contact us today and take a first class free.

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