Skype English Lessons – Your Questions Answered

Skype English lessons, or Skype English classes, offer English language learners the chance to study the language in live classes with voice and video, over the internet, using Skype’s free VoIP technology.

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Should I take English lessons by Skype?

Skype English LessonsYes. Learning English by Skype allows you to actually use the language, rather than just study it. Not using the language is a bit like trying to learn to play piano, without ever touching a piano. Speaking and listening in real conversations is essential for learning. Even in a live classroom, students typically spend very little time using the language. In a 1-to-1 Skype English lesson, or in a small group class, they can spend all their time in conversation.

Does taking Skype English lessons online work for advanced students?

Yes, this is a great way for advanced students to learn. It allows the opportunity to study with native speakers, engage in real English conversations, take specialty classes such as pronunciation, advanced grammar, writing, or job interview preparation.

Will my Skype English tutor be a native speaker?

It depends on the company you decide to take classes with. Some companies offer very inexpensive classes with non-native teachers. Others focus just on native Englis speakers, and other companies use both, and focus more on the ability of the teacher than their first language.

Is Skype the only way to study English online with live video?

When it comes to online English lessons Skype isn’t the only software you can use. Google offers Google Hangouts, which are a really good alternative, and there are several other types of technology, such as Whatsapp, that are becoming more popular. The most important thing isn’t English Skype lessons, it’s connecting with live teachers in small classes. Going online, whatever the platform is, usually makes this easier.

What does it cost to learn English by Skype?

Typical cost for learning English by Skype with a native speaker or an experienced teacher. is between $20 and $50 dollars per hour, depending on the company. There are cheaper options as well, with either inexperienced teachers or non-native speakers.

Is there a Skype school of English?

Skype, the company, does not currently sponsor it’s own English school. If you want to learn English Skype is a great tool that many great schools do use.

Can I practice English by Skype for free?

It is possible to find someone who would be interested in studying with you for free, or even more likely, someone who would be willing to do a language exchange, where you help them learn your native language, and they help you learn English.

Any advice for how to make Skype English lessons work best for me?

  • Take classes at least 2 times per week, even three. It seems like less than that, and students don’t advance much.
  • Study between classes.
  • Try listening to podcasts, watching movies in English, and reading in English.
  • Change teachers from time to time so that they don’t get used to your mistakes, and you don’t get used to the way they speak.
  • Ask the teacher to focus on topics that are most important for you, such as business English.