• When Should You Start Studying for an English Job Interview?

    Job Interview Preparation in English

    Often I teach first classes to new students who are preparing for a job interview. I give them our English diagnostic test, we talk about what areas they need to improve in, and then I ask them, “When is your interview?”

    “Next week.”

    You would be surprised at how often I get that answer, or students with less time, even just days. I understand why. People are busy, and they’re nervous about studying English, so they wait until the last minute, then freak out, find LOI English, and hope we can perform a miracle for them.

    I usually advise these students that, if the interview is important to them, they should take as many live classes as they can afford, and when they’re not taking classes, they should be immersing themselves in English in every way possible, with podcasts, movies, books, whatever they can find.

    My hope is that they can improve a little in this time, and become more comfortable speaking, so they’re not as nervous for the interview. I think this can help, but it’s obviously not the ideal situation.

    So, when should you start preparing for a job interview in English?

    Now! If you think there’s a¬†possibility of having a job interview in English in your future, even if it’s not for years, you can save yourself a lot of stress and improve your chances of getting the job by starting right now.

    At the very minimum, I’d recommend finding a few English language podcasts to listen to and tv shows to start watching, and taking at least 1 class per week with a live teacher. Why should you take a live class? Well, would you learn how to swim without getting into water? No! If you want to learn a language, you need to actually use it to communicate.

    Nothing can prepare you to have a conversation in English – for a job interview or anything else – better than actually having conversations in English. And the sooner you start, the better. Want to start today? Click here to learn more about our classes.

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