• Still, Already or Yet? And is the NSA Spying on you? Videos and Exercises

    Still, Already and Yet are three essential English adverbs used to express when actions are going to happen, are expected or unexpected to happen. You’ll use them daily when speaking English, but our English students are often confused about which of these words to use in a sentence. We’ve created a video and exercise to help with this, combined with a listening exercise about Edward Snowden’s allegations that the NSA is spying on US citizens, it is a great topic for a conversation class!

    Can you correctly fill the gaps with Still, Already or Yet below? Watch the video for answers.

    People ____ need to decide how valuable their privacy is.

    We’ve _____ lost our privacy.

    He ____ hasn’t been arrested.

    Still, Already or Yet Video


    Listening Exercise: Watch the video below, then try the questions.

    Do the exercise below to see if you understand, and to test your knowledge of Still, Already and Yet. You can write your answers in comments and we will respond.
    1. Obama hasn’t responded to Snowden’s allegations_______.

    2. Snowden is _____ free. He might seek shelter in Iceland if they haven’t arrested him _____.

    3. Snowden had ________ left the country when he gave the interview.

    4. Have they made a decision ______?

    5. I can’t believe people have________ forgotten. Snowden’s disclosure is unlikely to change anything!

    6. Does he ________ work for the US government?

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