• Is Success a Destination or a Journey? – English Listening Exercise

    I’ve always tried to look at life as a journey, rather than be focused on a single goal, “success” in the future.

    I try to look at language learning this way as well. We don’t wake up one day with fluency in another language, and then just stay fluent forever. It is something that we work for and study for throughout our lives. It is similar to physical exercise – if you work out a lot and become really fit and healthy but then decide to stop exercising, it won’t take long for you to get unfit and unhealthy. It seems like there are a lot of things in life that shouldn’t be looked at as a destination point but rather a continued journey that we take through our lives.

    This week’s English listening exercise is all about this, and how we define success. Listen to the Ted Talk below, then try to answer the questions:

    1. We think success is a _____ way ______.
    2. It doesn’t take long to go _______ hill.
    3. What happened when he became successful?
    4. I couldn’t ______ __ with any ideas.
    5. Who was he talking to on the phone? Who should he have been talking to?
    6. Is he a good manager?
    7. How did he try to fix his depression?
    8. What happened when he went on Prozac?
    9. It didn’t take long for business to _____ like a _____.
    10. How long did it take for him to become successful again?
    Try the writing:
    What are your goals in life? Are they destinations or part of your journey? Do you think learning English is a destination or part of your journey? Is there anything else in life that you are planning on learning for a lifetime?

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