• To or For? English Prepositions – Video and Exercise

    This week’s video exercise is about using the prepositions “to” and “for.” All languages seem to use their prepositions a little differently, and the rules can be hard to understand at first. Try some of the exercises below to see how you do with “to” and “for,” then watch the video for the answers.

    1. I’m going (to/for) New York in March.

    2. It is a quarter (to/for) 5 pm.

    3. I work from 10 am (to/for) 7 pm every day.

    4. The ship left (to/for) England.

    5. I lived in Argentina (to/for) two years.

    6. I made the appointment (to/for) Thursday.

    7. I gave the present (to/for) my grandmother.

    8. The cake is (to/for) Paul because it is his birthday.

    Ok, we hope that helped you! If you have any questions or comments, or suggestions for our next video, please write us in comments. Thanks!

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