• Travel English: New York City

    Preparing for a trip to New York City? Here are some some travel trips for people who speak English as a Second Language.

    First off, let me admit that I’ve only been to New York City once in my whole life. I spent 5 days there in May of 2008 for my sister’s graduation from Columbia. It was an amazing time, and New York left an impression on me. It’s a big and busy city, but also surprisingly clean and friendly.

    Maybe suggest radio programs?

    * the city = [Manhattan]
    * Alphabet City = part of the East Village, specifically avenues A,B,C, and D.
    * BQE = [Brooklyn] / [Queens] Expressway
    * Hero = type of bread
    * DUMBO = an artsy neighborhood in [Brooklyn] (the acronym stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass)
    * Ground Zero = a rather unfortunate name for the World Trade Center mostly used by tourists in questions like “Excuse me, how do I get to Ground Zero?”. Avoid.
    * GU (pronounced “goo”) – “geographically undesirable”: chickspeak for guys who live way outside of Manhattan and are, presumably, not the right material to be dating (or even talking to). If you’re a girl of the “Sex & The City” circuit, you might find this term useful.
    * Pie = whole pizza
    * B&T or B&T people = “bridge & tunnel” [people]: those living in the outer boroughs and New Jersey. Can be used as an insult. Not to be confused with BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato).
    * To stand/be ON line = to stand IN line (the process known to Britons as queuing).
    Alphabet City – A Manhattan neighborhood from East 3rd Street to East 14th Street between Avenues A thru D.

    Avenue of the Americas – Another name for 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

    B.Q.E. – An acronym for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, (I-278) Interstate 278.

    Downtown – Anything south of Canal Street in Manhattan is considered to be “downtown”.

    DUMBO – An upscale Brooklyn neighborhood. DUMBO is actually an acronym that stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”.

    The G.W.B – Acronym for the George Washington Bridge.

    Houston Street – A street in Manhattan that runs east and west. It is not pronounced like Houston Texas. Phonetically its pronounced “how – ston”.

    Hell’s Kitchen – A Manhattan neighborhood that is from 40th to 59th Streets between the Hudson River and Eight Avenue.

    Johnny Pump – Fire Hydrant.

    The L.I.E. – An acronym for the Long Island Expressway (I-495), Interstate 495.

    The Meat Packing District – A Manhattan neighborhood that was the central point where all the meat that was shipped to NYC was butchered and packaged for market. Many wholesale meat distributors are still in existence in the Meat Packing District, however the neighborhood has become trendy, with upscale lofts and boutiques popping up all over the area. Its border are Gansevoort Street to the South and West 15 Street to the north, between 9th and 11th Avenues.

    NoHo – is an acronym for “North of Houston”. Its a Manhattan neighborhood that’s boundaries are Houston Street to the south, 8th Avenue to the north, the Bowery and Third Avenue on the east, and Broadway on the west.

    Nolita – A trendy Manhattan neighborhood that is north of Little Italy. Its boundaries are Little Italy (Broom Street) to the south, Houston Street to the north, Bowery on the east, and Lafayette Street on the west side.

    SoHo – is an acronym for “South of Houston”. Its a Manhattan neighborhood where you can find some of the best shopping in the city. If you’re a shopaholic, you can’t visit New York City without visiting Soho.

    TriBeCa – An acronym for “Triangle Below Canal”. An upscale Manhattan neighborhood that’s home to many celebrates and the Tribeca Film Festival.

    The Village – nickname for Greenwich Village, a neighborhood in Manhattan. Its boundaries are Houston Street to the south, 14th Street to the north, Broadway on the east and the Hudson River on the west.

    The Willie B – nickname for the Williamsburg Bridge.

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