• Thanksgiving in the United States – English Listening and Writing Exercise

    As you might know, this Thursday we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States. Basically, we join our family and friends to eat too much turkey, mashed potatoes, pie and other delicious home cooked foods.

    It can be a really fun, relaxing holiday, or a crazy, stressful one, depending on who your family and friends are. This year we’re anticipating a relaxing holiday, unlike the characters in this video from the American comedy Home for the Holidays. It’s about a dysfunctional family, and their Thanksgiving. In this clip, the family is trying to say a prayer before the meal, but it doesn’t quite go right. Enjoy this English listening exercise, then try the questions below.

    Fill in the gaps below from the listening exercise above. Answer in comments and we will reply.

    1. Dear Lord we are _______ that such an attractive man sitting ______ next to Claudia.

    2. JoAnne look __ your sister. Doesn’t she look ______?

    3. Spectacular. New _____?

    4. Dear Lord we realize that ______ everything is changing too damn fast.

    5. All sorts of things are the same. Even things we hated like _____ the turkey and ______the snow.

    6. What is the mistake in the above sentence?

    7. …and thousand year old trees are falling down dead, and they ______.

    8. That was absurd lets eat _____ bird.

    Thanksgiving English Vocabulary:

    1. Turkey – Similar to a chicken. Traditional meat that is cooked for Thanksgiving dinner.

    2. Cranberries – These are a sour red fruit blended with sugar that are eaten as a side dish.

    Tell me about a holiday tradition in your country. Do families enjoy getting together or dread seeing each other on holidays? Is there fighting or bickering during your holiday dinners? Who does the cooking? Do you do the same thing every year? What was your most memorable holiday?

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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