• How to use Phrasal Verbs as Nouns

    It is important to know the difference between a phrasal verb and the noun form of the phrasal verb.

    You’ll find that the IELTS, First Certificate, CAE, and TOEFL will test you on understanding the difference between them. Sometimes the noun form and the verb form have a similar meaning, but not always.

    For instance ‘make up (v.)’ and ‘makeup (n.)’ have two completely different meanings. Watch the video and learn the pronunciation and stress as well as some new vocabulary. Try the exercise at the end to see if you understand.

    1. She wears too much _______, she should go for a more natural look.
    2. We don’t have much _________ with our teachers, they are very dedicated.
    3. The huckleberry __________ at the restaurant I used to work at are amazing.
    4. The ______ __ at the hotel is near the front entrance.
    5. The police had to call for ________ when they realized there was a hostage situation.
    6. What time do you ____ __ in the morning?
    7. The car is overheating, ____ the car ____! There is a _________ right there on the right side of the road.

    Take note of the hyphens, spaces, and joined words. Want to learn more phrasal verbs? Click here to see our Phrasal Verb of the Day.

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