• Usually and Used To – What is the Difference in English?

    One pair of words that we hear students having problems with in our English classes are Used To and Usually.

    Look at the examples below to see if you know when to use them.

    I don’t (usually/used to) go to work on the weekend.

    Do you (usually/used to) work on Monday?

    I (usually/used to) walk to work when I lived downtown.

    I didn’t (usually/used to) like broccoli.

    Watch the video to see how you do, then try the exercises below.

    1. I (used to/usually) drink coffee in the mornings when I was in school.
    2. I (used to/usually) drink coffee every morning.
    3. He (used to/usually) be a journalist.
    4. Now he (used to/usually) writes fiction.
    5. I am (used to/usually) staying up late at night.

    Ok that’s it! You can write your answers in comments and we will reply. You can also use comments to ask questions.

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