• Using Adjectives as Nouns: English Grammar Video and Exercise:

    In English we can talk about categories by turning an adjective into a noun. This can be especially helpful when writing and it should be studied by anyone taking the TOEFL, CAE, IELTS, or First Certificate tests. We take the adjective and add the definite article ‘the’ in front of it, i.g. good-the good: The good always wins in movies.

    It makes it easier to talk about groups of people, specifically in social terms. For example, poor people = the poor. We don’t often want to make generalizations of groups of people saying they all have similar qualities, however it is useful and efficient when discussing political and social policies. Watch the video and see if you can complete the exercise below:

    Transform the following sentences using adjectives as nouns.
    Example: Old people and young people need to come together on the issue of public transportation.
    The old and the young need to come together on the issue of public transportation.

    1. Educated people are running the country.
    2. Rich people have a lot of advantages over poor people.
    3. Old people are encouraged to get the flu shot.
    4. Homeless men, women, and children are advised to find shelter in churches or public shelters for the next few night.
    5. Unemployed people should move to find work.
    6. Living people must respect the wishes of the dead.

    Now fill in the gap with (a, the, or –)
    1. My grandmother was ______ poor growing up.
    2. The government doesn’t help ______poor these days.
    3. Mario is _____ right for this job.
    4. I think Andrew is ______ right person for this job.
    5. Her boyfriend is quite a bit older than her but he is _____nice.
    6. ______good should triumph over _______bad in the end.

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