• Using Gerunds or Infinitives (video and exercise)

    Students often have difficulty knowing when a word should be used as a noun in its infinitive form, and when it should be used in its gerund form. Many languages, such as Spanish, do not use the gerund form the way English does. We’ve got a video and exercise to help you with gerunds and infinitives.

    Here are some examples:

    She is good at (playing/to play) games.

    (Smoking/to smoke) is bad for your health.

    My house is easy (walking/to walk) to from downtown.

    She is (saving/to save) money to travel.

    Watch the video to get the answers, then try the exercises below.

    Now try the exercises below. Write your answers in comments and we will help you.

    1. I am good at (to help/helping people).
    2. I enjoy (to listen/listening to) people.
    3. He doesn’t mind (to make/making) a low wage.
    4. The boss is not good at (to make/making) difficult decisions.
    5. (To take/taking) risks causes him anxiety.
    6. You are not good at (to express/expressing) yourself.
    7. I enjoy (to sleep/sleeping) late.


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