• Using No and Not in English (video and exercise)

    Are you using “no” and “not” correctly in English? We’ve recently noticed that even some of our advanced students confuse these two words.

    For instance, do you know which is correct in the sentences below? Do you know why?

    I have (no/not) been to Disney Land.

    I have (no/not) money in the bank.

    Watch the video below to learn about the differences between no and not, then see if you can complete the exercises below.

    Ok, choose the correct answer below. You can write your answers in comments and we will respond. 

    1. I have (no/not) seen my mother in a few months.

    2. There are (no/not) any beers in the refrigerator.

    3. I have (no/not) beer.

    4. I do (not/no) like beer anyway.

    5. Well, d0 you want wine? (No/Not).

    6. She is (not/no) a beer drinker.

    7. She does (no/not) drink beer.

    8. She is (no/not) beer drinker.

    9. There is (no/not) much wine.

    10. There is (no/not) wine.

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