• Using the English Future Continuous (video and exercise)

    This is the second video about advanced future forms. Do you know when to use the future continuous in English? Are you using it correctly?

    We use the future continuous in English for three specific reasons:

    1. To indicate that we will be in the middle of doing something in a specified future time.

    2. An activity that starts now and continues to a specific future time.

    3. When a longer action in the future is interrupted by a shorter future action.

    In the video below, Teauna will demonstrate these uses of the future continuous with example sentences and a timeline.

    English Exercise: create future continuous sentences from the incomplete sentences below.

    Example: What are you doing tomorrow morning? At 10 am tomorrow I (drive) to the dentist. -> At 10 am tomorrow I will be driving to the dentist.

    1.Can you go shopping on Saturday? No, this Saturday I (work).

    2.Is Alice available for class?  No, she (exercise) at the gym until 3 pm.

    3. I’m going to arrive at midnight. I (sleep) when you come home.

    4. I just left Whitefish, what time will I arrive in Seattle? You (drive) until midnight.

    5. I’ll wake up around 8 or 10 in the morning. We (run) when you wake up.

    6. What is Brad doing tomorrow? Why can’t he come to my party? Tomorrow he (visit) his grandparents.

    7. What are you doing when I’m on vacation? While you are on vacation, I (work).

    8. This week they are in Argentina. Next week they (travel) through Brazil.

    9. I have so many emails! I (answer) emails all night.

    10. Sorry you have to work next week. I wish you could come with us. We (swimming) and (sleep) on the beach when you are at w0rk.

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