• When to use Someone, Anyone and No One (video and exercise)

    Someone, anyone and no one or somebody, anybody and nobody, can be confusing pronouns for English students. These, and a few other words you’ll see in the video below, are known as non-specific pronouns. It is very easy to accidentally use the wrong one.

    For instance:

    (Someone/Anyone) is in the bathroom.

    No, there is not (Someone/Anyone) in the bathroom.


    1. Has (anyone/no one) seen my dog?
    2. No, (no one/anyone) has seen your dog.
    3. (No one/everyone) is using Facebook these days, even my mother.
    4. (No one/everyone) is using Google+, it’s not popular yet.
    5. Is (anyone/no one) home?
    6. Yes, there is (someone/anyone) here.
    7. It seems like (everyone/someone) watched the Olympics this year.
    8. My beer is not in the refrigerator. (No one/someone) has taken it!
    9. Is (no one/anyone) going to the party?
    10. (No one/anyone) is going to the party.
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