• Who, Whom or Whose Video and Exercise 1

    Ask a native English speaker when it is correct to use Who, Whom or Whose, and they probably won’t be able to give you a good answer, especially if they are from the United States. Here, we don’t use Whom very often anymore, at least not in spoken English. The difference may seem confusing to non-native speakers too, but it is actually very easily explained, as you’ll see in our video non Who, Whom and Whose below.

    See if you can choose Who, Whom or Whose correctly below, then watch the video and try the additional exercises.

    1. (Who/Whom/Whose) rides the bike?

    2. (Who/Whom/Whose) does the dog love?

    3. (Who/Whom/Whose) bike is green?

    Watch the video below to see the answers

    Who, Whom or Whose video:

    Choose the correct word below. If you write your answer in comments, we will respond.

    1. (Who/Whom/Whose) dog is that?

    2. (Who/Whom/Whose) did he give the dog to?

    3. (Who/Whom/Whose) was the last person at the office?

    4. (Who/Whom/Whose) won best actor at the Oscars?

    5. (Who/Whom/Whose) performance do you think was best?

    6. (Who/Whom/Whose) do you think the audience liked best?

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