• Why was English Wikipedia black last week? An English Listening Exercise

    Websites, including Wikipedia, that protested last week.

    Last week, you may have noticed that the English language version of Wikipedia was blacked out last week. Other sites, like Google, The Oatmeal, Craigslist and Wired magazine did similar things to their websites last week, protesting the proposed SOPA and PIPA laws that the U.S. congress was working on.

    So what was congress doing that was such a problem that Wikipedia, Google and other important websites would protest? The issue is somewhat complicated, but Salman Kahn of the Kahn Academy¬†does a great job of explaining the bill in the video below. After the video you’ll find a series of listening questions.


    _____ ____ that you’re the owner of some kind of copyrighted material.

    What is he asking you to do in the previous sentence?

    What does he say the purpose of SOPA is?

    What does he say the problem is?

    What kind of companies within the U.S. might be hurt by SOPA?

    When does it get “creepy” according to Kahn?

    Why does it get creepy?

    What are some examples of how this law could be misused?

    What this allows them to do is _____ first and _____ later.

    What does he mean by the previous phrase?

    What does he say is the creepiest thing about the bill?

    I’d be _____.


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