• Will or Be Going To? Video with Exercises

    When talking about the future in English, ESL students often have difficulty deciding whether they should use will or be going to, and the difference in meaning between the two.

    For example, do you know the difference between these two sentences?

    I am going to visit Miami next year.

    I will visit Miami next year.

    No? Watch the video below, and see if you can do the exercises. If you want to watch more English lesson videos with exercises, click here.

    Fill in the gaps below with will or the correct form of be going to.

    1. I ______ visit my friends in Argentina next year.

    2. I think they ______ be glad to see me.

    3. Since you cooked dinner, I ____ wash the dishes.

    4. He ______ run 5 miles tomorrow.

    5. I ____ be 36 in October.

    6. The World Cup in Brazil _______ be awesome!

    7. I promise I _____ make another video next week.

    8. I think it _____ be warm tomorrow.

    Write your answers in comments and we’ll tell you how you did!

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