• How to Win a Race After Falling on Your Face: Video – Listening Exercise

    I’ve been running a lot lately; Paul and I are training to do our first marathon in the fall. So I was inspired to watch this running video someone shared on Facebook. It is incredible! Watch and see…the listening might be challenging because there is background noise but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Watch the whole video! Trust me, it’s worth it. After you do the listening exercise write a short paragraph about a situation when you didn’t give up in spite of the challenges you faced.

    1. The 600 meter _______ way.
    2. How many laps is the 600 meter? (no cheating and googling the answer!)
    3. How is Fond looking?
    4. How many points did Dorniden score last year?
    5. Dorniden _____ down! Dorniden _______ _____.
    6. She gets up quickly but that is ______ to _____ her.
    7. That is _______!
    8. Doing __________ she ____ to win this heat.

    Amazing video, right! Now for the writing assignment. Do you have any stories where you had to pick yourself up again?

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