• Wish or Hope? Video and Exercise

    Wish and hope are two similar words that are commonly confused in English. Ask a native English speaker (who doesn’t teacher English) and they’ll probably have to think a long time to define the difference between these two words.

    For example:

    I (wish/hope) I was a man.

    I (wish/hope) I had some wine.

    I (wish/hope) he wins the election.

    Watch the video to see if you were correct, then try the exercises below.

    Choose the correct answer. Write your answers in comments and we will correct them.

    1. I (wish/hope) you wouldn’t order hamburgers at nice restaurants.

    2. I (wish/hope) you would take me to restaurants with better hamburgers.

    3.  I (wish/hope) you have a nice vacation.

    4.  He (wishes/hopes) he will get a better job.

    5. He (wishes/hopes) he had more money.

    6. I (wish/hope) you got the apartment you wanted.

    8. I had (wish/hope) he would have called me sooner.

    9. We (wish/hope) you a merry Christmas.

    10. Let’s (wish/hope) that everything is better next year.

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