• If The World Were 100 People: Master Second Conditional Today!

    What if the world were only 100 people?  Today we’ll look at a video that shows what the human population would be like if there were only 100 of us here.  Since we’re talking about something that is impossible because it is untrue now, we’ll use the second conditional.  If conditionals are new to you, I recommend starting with this lesson, which explains each type of conditional in detail along with some fun activities.

    First, let’s review.  When do we use second conditional?

    • To talk about what we would generally do in imaginary situations: If I were you, I would call him back.

    Now, take a look at the structures of second conditional.  Remember, you can easily flip the sentences around, as shown below:


    If + (subject) (past simple), (subject) would + (verb)

    If I won the lottery, I would travel all over the world.

    I would travel all over the world if I won the lottery.


    What + would + (subject) + (verb) + if + (subject) + (past simple)?

    What would you do if the world were 100 people?

    What if + (subject) + (past simple)?

    What if the world were 100 people?

    If + (subject) + (past simple), what would + (subject) + (verb)?

    If the world were 100 people, what would you do?

    Continuous sentence:

    If + (subject) (past simple), (subject) + would be + (verb)ing

    If I were you, I wouldn’t be dating that guy.

    I wouldn’t be dating that guy if I were you.

    It’s time for a little bit of practice.  Match the beginning of the sentence to the end to make a complete thought.  Remember to write your answers in the comments section, and we’ll respond with corrections and/or explanations!

    1. If I had a bicycle,
    2. I would jog around the park
    3. If I had his phone number,
    4. If I drank tea instead of wine,
    5. Where would you live

    a.  if you moved to Asia?     b. I would ride it to work.     c.  I would be calling him right now.                                               d. I would be healthier.     e.  if I had more time to exercise after work.

    Finally, watch the video, and answer the questions that follow in the comments section.  We love to hear from you and give corrections and explanations.  Make sure to write each answer as a full second conditional sentence: “If the world were 100 people…” 


    If the world were 100 people…

    1. How many would be Asian?
    2. What age would the majority of people be?
    3. How many people would practice Buddhism?
    4. How many people would be speaking Mandarin?
    5. How many people would not be able to read and write?
    6. How much money would one person be making?
    7. What problem would 15 people have in relation to food?
    8. Would the majority of people have internet?
    9. Would the majority of people have phones?
    10. How many people would attend college/university?

    Great work!  Want to discuss this video and practice your new knowledge of second conditional?  Book a class today!


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